Workplace Wellness & Safety

We have an integrated solution combining hardware, software and onsite medical services to ensure your workplace is safe for everyone.

Technology & Services for return to office safety

Monitor and prevent the spread of COVID

Turn-key, onsite corporate COVID-19 testing and vaccination solutions to give your team the confidence they can return to the workplace and reunite with their colleagues, with safety and peace of mind.

Developed in partnership with Northwell Health and DocGo, our non-invasive, accurate, COVID-19 PCR testing can help monitor employee risk from current and future COVID variants. Testing is administered conveniently on-site in offices with integrated scheduling and seamless digital delivery of results.

Our corporate vaccination program avoids the complexities of finding a local clinic and provides a streamlined solution to help ensure that your workforce has convenient access to COVID-19 vaccines and future boosters.

Aggregated data reporting and dashboards empower HR managers to monitor testing and vaccination efforts across the workforce.

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Monitor compliance with public health policies

Our platform processes CCTV footage at the edge using AI-based computer vision models to monitor in real-time compliance with social distancing and face-mask standards. The data can provide real-time alerts and dashboards of compliance issues, but also can be visualized on floor plans to see where issues are happening to help with space design or enforcement. The data isn't just useful for operations teams, but can be shared with the public to illustrate how safe spaces are.
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Contact trace across your employee base

Using cutting-edge tools that use social distancing badges that vibrate and light up when users are within 6 feet of other badge users to promote and reinforce better social distancing behaviors. Data is collected and aggregated to create personal, team-based and organizational social distancing compliance scores to monitor performance over time. The badges can also be used to conduct contact tracing and comply with government public health regulations.

Individual, in-app dashboards that give employees insights to their own and community
level behavior. Ability to assign badges to individual employees to perform contact tracing functions

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Partnered with the best

WorxWell is partnered with DocGo, a leading provider of mobile medical services and transportation in 26 US States and in the United Kingdom, to deliver on-site testing and corporate vaccination programs. DocGo has administered over 1.2m COVID tests, 25k vaccines and has over 2000 staff, allowing us to deploy quick and broadly to address all of your corporate testing and vaccine needs.

Protect your employees

Monitor workplace safety

Return with confidence

Our technology and services let you be proactive about your employee's health and make it easy to keep teams vaccinated as COVID evolves. Reach out now to learn more.
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