Hybrid Workplace

We offer an end-to-end solution for the new hybrid work environment that serves employers and empowers employees with insights about how and where people work.

Technology & Services for the new Workplace

Combined insights across people and places

Most workplace analytics solutions give you a detailed picture on when your space is used, or how your employees are working, but the new hybrid work environment has magnified the need to view those things together to truly understand when, where, and how the workplace is performing. Our insight reports combine data about your space such as occupancy sensors, access control, air quality sensors, and booking systems with data about your people such as eNPS, calendars, emails, and chats, to give you a comprehensive view of work culture and utilization.

The key to our platform is our ability to dynamically segment your employees into in-office, hybrid, and remote cohorts based on their daily behaviors. This dynamic segmentation lets you understand how hybrid work habits are affecting performance of your team and your office.

Manage capacity and optimize employee time in office

The WorxWell platform pairs a suite of management tools with our data to help employers convert insights into action. WorxWell's has planning tools to organize your teams into segments of remote, hybrid and in-office and to benchmark key performance indicators based on historical work data. As employees return to the office, WorxWell provides tools to manage capacity across flexible workspace, or assign teams into rotations to ensure the right teams are in the office at the right times to create culture and foster collaboration.

Empower employees to be their best

WorxWell puts data into the hands of every employee to help them improve their work. Our app provides employees with rich insights on when, where and how much they are working so they can find the best work-life balance and work habits for themselves.

In addition to insights, our tools help employees maximize their time spent in the office or remotely. Our social booking features allow teams to better coordinate their time in office to foster more collaboration and connection. Once they are in the office, our events and amenities features improve the workplace experience and office culture. Our flex space partnership and booking features help remote workers maintain a work-life balance by giving them dedicated places to focus, and our events features provide for virtual events that make sure remote workers remain connected to the rest of the team.

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Improve engagement and personal connection

Remote work can lead to a lost of connection and an erosion of company culture. WorxWell provides the tools for a comprehensive communication program across organizations to improve culture. We also have event management tools for companies to curate in-person and virtual events to increase engagement.

These tools all require content and programming, and many companies don't have the time or staff required to effectively drive culture. Through our experience officers (RXOs), we provide training, playbooks, and content templates to help your team create engaging programs.

WorxWell solves the challenges of opening and continuously improving the new workplace.

  • 1

    Use the WorxWell toolset to determine the optimal remote/in-office mix, develop return-to-work cohorts, and set benchmarks to evaluate success.

  • 2

    Continuously monitor employee and operational metrics against benchmarks to understand performance and effectiveness of hybrid programs.

  • 3

    Manage teams and capacity, update policies, improve design, and invest in employee programs based on real-time data.

  • Repeat

    The needs of employees are continuously adapting and the workspace is regularly evolving, so the process needs to keep up with these new demands.

Unify your workplace & workforce data

The WorxWell platform combines your data from disparate systems across people, spaces, and operations to drive intelligent tools for planning and continuous improvement of the workplace.

Plan your return to the office

Measure the effectiveness of your people and space

Continuously improve your employee experience.

Whether you are just starting to plan your return to office or are have a plan and are looking to measure and manage your success, our technology and services can help. Talk to our team today to find out more.
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