Connect disparate data sources across spaces and people through our building data platform, and then unlock aggregate insights for facilities and management teams using our Command Center dashboards.

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Full Feature List

  • Patent-pending Building Wellness Index
  • COVID questionnaire trends
  • Reported COVID case trends
  • Thermal scanner alerts and average body temp trends
  • Local area COVID cases and hospitalization data
  • Local area mobility and usage data
  • Trend tracking VOCs, Ozone, CO2, Formaldehyde, PM1, PM2.5, PM10, Humidity and temperature
  • Detailed individual air-quality sensor monitoring
  • Customizable aggregate air-quality reporting
  • Real-time base building energy consumption insights (coming soon)

  • Real-time tenant energy consumption insights (coming soon)
  • Occupancy & Foot Traffic Trends
  • Portfolio, Building and Tenant level dashboards
  • Prioritized alerts based on data thresholds
  • Automated notifications
  • Daily and weekly digest emails
  • Automated work order creation (coming soon)

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